Working for a living

The first time I realized the impact of my actions on other people, after I calmed down from a period of being basically hysterical, sitting in my bathtub crying for I don’t know how long, one thought went through my brain: “I need to work!!!” I immediately got a job stocking shelves at a groceryContinue reading “Working for a living”

An Atrocious Mental Health System

“We have an atrocious mental health system,” someone once said to me, followed moments later by, “We’re going to require psychiatry of you.” My, you make it sound so attractive. 😉 Unfortunately, it’s a very true statement. Some areas are better than others. I feel badly for people living in Texas. The care given forContinue reading “An Atrocious Mental Health System”

12 Step programs

There is a 12 step organization or program for just about any bad habit. And for other things, such as codependency, emotional health, and numerous chemical dependencies. Even self-harm now has one! And this is by no means, an all-inclusive list: Alcoholics Anonymous – Adult Children of Alcoholics – Al-Anon/Alateen – Co-Anon/ Cocaine Anonymous – reading “12 Step programs”

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