Healthcare costs

Healthcare gets expensive. And public assistance footed the bill for my disorder for a lot of years-people with factitious disorders cost the healthcare system untold amounts of money every year-no question. And the reimbursements for public assistance is far lower than private insurances. This is the reason many providers have stopped accepting Medicare. The reimbursement is a fraction of the actual costs-something I gave little thought to when I was in active addiction. Alcohol, pills, weed and medical treatment were my master-I was the other.

When I consciously thought about what I’d been doing, I was mortified that I had behaved in such a fashion. And my first thought, I need to work!!! And I have not stopped working since. It keeps my mind off my troubles, and has done wonders for my mental health. And I now have started providing my own health insurance. So more money comes from my own pocket to pay for my healthcare. This is the way it should be. Paying for your own healthcare has a great way of helping you decide what is truly necessary.

And it is an amends too-for being a drain on the system. Getting a job should in my mind, be a requirement for the treatment of factitious disorders. For those truly interested in change and getting well. My first job in recovery was stocking shelves. And keeping in mind, years of bad habits (showing up was a problem for years), it ended in being fired-and they were right to do it. But I got back up and got a job as a cashier. I have since returned to nursing-it is my hope and prayer that the good I can do will help balance the scales for my actions in active addiction. And with that comes premiums for my health insurance (I dis-enrolled from Medicare Part B, and only have kept the Part A and D by default, and I pay the premiums for Part D).

I recently injured my knee, and the surgery I had was medically necessary-and it will also be at my own expense. And I am perfectly okay with that. To me, it seems appropriate-and drives home how expensive that medically necessary treatment is. And serves as a reminder how expensive it is to the rest of us how expensive medically unnecessary treatment is.

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