The little boy who cried wolf

This old wive’s tale doesn’t need to be retold. When you’ve cried wolf, consciously or unconscously, over and over again, once you’ve decided to start getting well, though you haven’t had an episode in some time, though the people you are dealing with are new-once they know, they are not prepared to take anything you say seriously. It’s not a good feeling. It’s a lot like wearing a tag that says “mental.”

So when I was in the Emergency Room one afternoon with some legitimate issues, which they were treating (labs help that process, if I remember correctly), the medications I was taking began to cause seizures. One was Marinol, or the “weed pill” to treat legitimate nausea from GI issues, the nausea for this particular issue gets very intense. The other was benedryl, and neither of these medications prior to my brain injury had this effect. I was aware of what was happening, but unable to respond to anyone-I could not even push the call light. There were tonic-clonic movements, ones I was never able to reproduce. This is known as a partial awareness seizure.

The nurse and a lab technician came into the room while this was happening, and the response left me with the most helpless feeling. The nurse waved her hand and said, “Oh, will you please stop?” She was not prepared to believe anything beyond what they could see with the tests they’d already run. The seizure continued while the two of them stood there impatiently until it finally stopped. I had tears in my eyes, and once the seizure had stopped, they went about their jobs as if nothing had happened. And I said nothing at all about it. It would not have done any good.

Regardless of the cause (when it was figured out what was causing this, stopping was easy-some problems I don’t need or want). Drug-induced or not, the seizure was no less real. And it served as a lesson. That goes back to the old wive’s tale that drives home an important lesson: cry wolf so many times, even with new people, once they know, nothing you do will be taken seriously.

Real problems get overlooked.

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