There is always hope

I had always had some idea about the truth about myself, that I did have a factitious disorder (FD), but admitting it first to myself, then to another person was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. When I looked at the treatment for this, I didn’t find much. Which was incredibly discouraging. I felt hopeless, and in my mind, that is a dangerous place to be. One of my goals in building this site is to offer support in the recovery from this serious disorder. Serious as it may be, one thing it is not is a hopeless case. God does not create hopeless cases.

Most of the treatments I will discuss will be part of a book on the subject that I have started writing, and yes, one that will include my own experiences. The honest ones, of course. I do have some great, “no BS” stories that I plan to share.

It does get better and there is always hope.

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